Tooth Straightening

Teeth can be straightened without removal

For many decades we know now that crowding is caused by underdevelopped jaws. Traditionally teeth were removed to fit the remaining teeth into the small jaw; this leads to a narrow and retracted smile.

With modern treatments we are able to develop the jaw in size to fit all teeth into the jaw; the smile is fuller and provides support to the lips giving a more youthful appearance.

Therefore we often refer to this effect as “BraceLift” as it gives you a fuller and more natural smile. The most efficient method for treatment are braces although they have advanced much from the old traintracks.

Traditional braces use an elastic to hold the wire in place. To overcome the friction high forces are requried causing substantial discomfort. Modern braces use a small gate that locks the wire in.

As the brackets almost float on the wire, movements can be achieved with lower forces in less time and little to no discomfort.

While corrections of the jaw require more time, corrections of the teeth can be carried out in few months. In this case teeth were straightened and repaired in 5 months

If you prefer the brace to remain invisible but still an efficient correction, we can use a lingual system where the brackets are placed on the inside.

While the appliance remains invisible it can restrict the space for the tongue. If used for front teeth only it retains the efficiency of braces on the outside.

For minor corrections modern aligner systems have proven very efficient. A series of different shaped aligners pushe teeth into the correct position.

These aligners have proven very popular for perfoming patients, as they are in control when the brace is in or not.

Even smaller irregularities can affect the confidence. The smile of the patient changed completely after the two overlapping front teeth were straightened.

Modern treatments are faster and more confortable. Braces have also become socially more acceptable. If you would like to improve your smile without damaging or loosing your teeth you have now many options.


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