Why Choose Us

Why choose us?

Finding the right dentist is always a matter of trust.Often you get a recommendation by a friend or a colleague. If you don’t know us yet – here is our promise to you:

At exceldent excellent dental care is paramount to us. This involves your comittment so we will provide you with all the required information you need to make you part of the team approach. You will learn all about your diagnosis, treatment options, cost involved, timeline and many more. We will of course also tell you if you don’t need anything at all.

To provide you with excellent dentistry we have sourced the entire world for the best treatment techniques, equipment and materials. We assume you to expect the best and will try to deliver such. If you would like a treatment alternative please inform us at any time so that we can arrange for the most suitable alternative.

We will be friendly to you and treat you with respect. We aim to always see you on time and would expect the same from you as well. Should you be unable to make it, please give us sufficient notice.

We are always aiming to improve so any coments are always welcome; right now we are improving this website so we apologise if it does not meet our high standard.